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Growing up in Astoria, Mohammed Faisal moved around a lot. Originally from Bangladesh, his family arrived in Queens when he was three. Landlords kept raising the rent, and with a big family of six, they couldn’t afford to stay in the neighborhood. What made matters worse was that his father had bad credit. This hurt his family’s chances of finding a stable home. But there was a silver lining – it taught his mother about the importance of credit scores. Working as a cashier at Duane Reade, his mother saved money, built up her credit score and eventually secured enough for a down payment on a house in South Jamaica. This was his first experience with the power of financial literacy.

He kept those life lessons in mind as he went through school attending Brooklyn Technical High School and then City College of New York. He became an outspoken financial literacy advocate during his schooling and designed a project plan to teach financial literacy in a fun, interactive way. He believed regardless of how much money you make or your career path, you should have the tools necessary to live a fulfilling life without the stress of money.
After graduating in the summer of 2016, he decided to solve this problem plaguing disadvantaged neighborhoods: financial illiteracy Mohammed Faisal created The Money Hub. This start-up teaches financial literacy through the use of whiteboard media, app for gaming, and powerful anecdotes to immigrant and low-income households. Today, The Money Hub has expanded its teaching to students beyond Harlem and across New York City. We have taught over 4000 students to date and will continue to expand, enhance and innovate until financial illiteracy is a thing of the past.

In March of 2020 with covid hitting and in person sessions being cancelled, our team pivoted to meet the challenges of the time. We got to work applying all that we’ve learned over time and build out a gaming platform with our holistic, student centered and tested curriculum. While incorporating all that we’ve learned as a result of working with the scholars we’ve built for, such as gamification, simplification, competition, reward and fun. With all that in mind we’ve created FinGem and offer it at a subscription price to youth serving organizations and schools.

Meet Our Team

Meet the team thats helping our users  have a road map to achieving their dreams.

Mohammed Faisal


Mohammed Faisal graduated class of 2016 from The City College of New York with a B.A. in Economics. His focus was on macroeconomics studies, social economics empowerment and strategic management. During college he became a Colin Powell Community Engagement fellow when his project plan for The Money Hub was chosen for implementation. After graduating, he continues to advance the mission of The Money Hub. He grew up in Queens, NY and holds the city close to his heart. His passion lies in his love for his family and friends, sports, technology, and the pursuit of knowledge. He envisions financial literacy becoming the trending topic to educate and improve the quality of life for many.

Natalie Alcide


Natalie Alcide is a Brooklyn based Art Director with a passion for all things interactive and retweet worthy. Her creative philosophy merges storytelling and strategy with social innovation. Currently a recent grad from the New York City College of Technology, Natalie freelances with various brands in both print and digital disciplines.

Shean Hinds

Program Development

Shean Hinds is a 3rd year in the Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Sciences/CUNY School of Medicine. He is currently a volunteer of the In Arms Reach program which helps students improve their literary and mathematical skills. Born in Jamaica, traveled to the U.S as a toddler. Throughout his life he has been continuously active in community service by working with BuildOn and Best Buddies. He has spent time interning for 80th District Assemblyman Mark Gjonaj. His goal is to not only become a medical physician but one that is also actively involved in the betterment of his community.

Joshua Varghese


Software Engineer, designs technology to inspire students to take hold of their finances. Ruby on Rails, React Native, and Swift to provide a well-rounded experience for the user. Is passionate about scalable technologies that are user-friendly, and maximize value. Worked at Rescuing Leftover Cuisine as a Ruby developer to exponentially increase impact and outreach for the organization. Rescuing Leftover Cuisine was recognized by Forbes 30 under 30 for Social Entrepreneurship. Trained at Firehose Project bootcamp to learn the fundamentals of programing for social innovation.