Helping Teens Learn Financial Literacy All Under One Roof is a changeup from the virtual zoom learning style distance learning. Through our gamified learning platform, each student will learn the basics of a business plan, investing, resumes, cover letters, banking, saving and much more.

What To Expect

By completing our online course students will be learning the basics of a business plan, investing, resumes, cover letters, banking, saving, credit, and other financial topics. As students progress into each level, our curriculum delves deeper into each topic. The leaderboard function of the app enables students to compete and the top 3 high scorers in each subscription class will win an Amazon gift card from us!

By going through our curriculum, students will be able to at the end have a road map to achieving their dreams.

Topics Covered

App Overview

Carol Testimonial

Testimonial of Carol a participants at our workshop at Brotherhood/sister Sol in 2018 before she entered college.

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Getting Started

Each subscription provides educators with an account where they can track the progress of their students and see where they are excelling and where they are struggling.

After purchase of the app subscription, students will have access beyond the time of the subscription (up to a year). Allowing your students to have continued access to the budgeting function of the app, and a library of entrepreneurial advice.

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